Trailer: J. Edgar Hoover *Spoiler Alert* Dicaprio Stars

J. Edgar Hoover movie trailer  has finally been released

Clint Eastwood shows of his latest attempt for an Oscar-winning film with this biopic starring Leonardo DiCaprioNaomi WattsJudi DenchArmir HammerJosh Lucas and Ken Howard. DiCaprio is J. Edgar Hoover, the most powerful man in America, and the founder of the FBI. With fear and admiration Hoover ran the FBI as the most elite, efficient crime-fighting unit in America till his death in 1972. However, Hoover had secrets that would destroy his image and all that he built. Hoover was reported as a closeted homosexual. Ooops! Spoiler Alert!

Check out the trailer and let us know if you can pick that secret tidbit out.

J. Edgar Hoover is set to release November 9th 2011

What do you think?

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