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Halle Berry Infuriates Gabriel Aubry With Paris Relocation Request

Halle Berry has asked the judge in her child custody case for permission to move to France as a safety measure for her and Gabriel Aubry’s daughter, three-year-old Nahla.

The move, unclear if calculated or out of concern, comes just as the Oscar-winning actress’s custody battle with her ex-boyfriend reaches fever pitch.

Just last month, Gabriel was interviewed by Child Protective Services based on Halle’s then-nanny claims of being pushed by the model while Nahla was in her arms. Which then turned into Halle being interviewedabout the alleged child abuse allegations.

According to TMZ, “Gabriel is livid because he believes the move is punitive and designed to strip him of any contact with his daughter.”   Not to mention Nahla will live full time with Olivier Martinez, Halle’s beau of two years who’s coincidentally from France.

After all, this motion is weeks after Berry tried to get Gabriel’s rights as a father completely stripped, but a judge quickly renounced that move.

While the proposed move is still pending as the judge has yet to make his ruling, The Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Service has advised the pair to take a course for co-parenting their daughter which seems to be a notable idea. Because Gabriel would still have rights to his daughter, though they are now limited to monitored visits, the two (he and Halle) need to learn to coexist.

New reports just surfaced that Halle has received several death threats from Robert Hoskin who escaped out of the mental institution last week. Hoskin threatens to slit Berry’s throat.

Should Halle be granted the right to move Nahla to France?


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