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Pregnant Kimbella Parties Hard With Draya Michele

Love & Hip Hop newcomer Kimbella Vanderhee maybe be pregnant but it didn’t stop the controversial star from joining VH1’s Basketball Wives LA star Draya Michele for yet another 27th birthday celebration.

This marks the first sighting of Kimbella since announcing her pregnancy at the Ricardo Ocean Grill in New York. Next week her fans/haters will have a chance to hear Kimbella’s take on the her first season with Love and Hip Hop. Though the reunion may be a bit of dud. Here’s what VH1 had to say,

“Love & Hip Hop 2: Reality Check is not your traditional reunion show. Due to all the fights and arguments the cast had with each other, the producers were forced to do something different since several of the ladies refused to be in the same room together! In revealing, one-on-one interviews with Executive Producer Mona Scott-Young, all of the Love & Hip Hop stars speak frankly about which cast members they get along with, who they hate, and answer all of the burning questions that the fans want to know. Can Emily and Fab work it out? What exactly was in Yandy’s explosive e-mail? Are Chrissy and Jim ever getting married? And, most shocking of all, find out who quit the show and may be gone for good. This special episode is not so much a season recap as it is a revelation of all the dramatic moments that never aired as well as a candid look at how being a reality TV star can change your life forever.”

What do you think of this format? See more pictures of pregnant Kimbella below:

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