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Beyonce Immortalized With Hometown Monument

Beyonce Knowles’ varied accomplishments throughout her fifteen year career will be commemorated with a Houston monument by the megastar’s 31st birthday.

Marcus Mitchell, who heads Armdeonce Ventures, envisions a hometown shrine of sorts that will highlight Bey’s life and brandish the makings of her career.

“Our biggest thing is a lot of people get honored when they die, so our goal is to why not honor people why they’re still here? We felt as though it’s her time to be honored. We wanted to construct, like, a massive hall so as the doors open, if you donated to the monument, you’ll have a separate nameplate,” Mitchell said.

“There will be clips of Beyonce with Destiny’s Child and wardrobe like a mini museum. We’ve gotten support from the city of Houston, from the mayor.”

Despite touting support from the city’s mayor, a spokesperson is denouncing such claims.

“Fox is wrong. The City of Houston is not behind, working with or having anything to do with an effort to build a monument honoring Beyonce,” tweeted the spokesperson before quickly adding that Houston does “heart Beyonce and her music.”

While the mayor may not be on board, a slew of others share Mitchell and business partner Steve White’s vision of Beyonce’s takeover.

The museum won’t be a prop for looky-loos only, but proceeds ushered in from the site will be donated to numerous charitable organizations including Music for America and Beyonce’s Survivor Foundation. These two organizations in particular offer relief to natural disaster victims.

Armdeonce Ventures is currently acquiring private donors to aid in bringing their vision into fruition by Beyonce’s 31st birthday, September 4.

Is it too soon to build a monument in Beyonce’s honor in Houston?

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