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Angelina Jolie Slams The Brakes On Marriage Rumor

Angelina Jolie and her longtime partner Brad Pitt are still hounded by rumors of a impending wedding. It doesn’t help much when pressure to marriage comes from their brood of children.

During a recent interview the Money Ball actor told CBS News that his kids wants him to put a ring on it.

“We’re getting a lot of pressure from the kids,” Pitt stated. “Yeah, it means something to them and they’re, you know, they have questions when their friends’ parents are married and why is that?”

So how does Brad answer the question,

“We will someday, we will: ‘That’s a great idea! Get mommy a ring! Okay, I will, I will.'”

Of course it didn’t take long for Angie and Brad to be the next couple to walk down the aisle. Unfortunately for those with their fingers crossed, Angelina pumped the brakes. At the SAG Awards Sunday night Jolie told People,

“I think anything said tends to be blown out of proportion.”

“Yeah, that was my fault,” added Pitt. Will Angelina and Brad give in to their children’s wishes?

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