Demi Moore 911 Tape: "She Smoked Something, She's Been Having Issues Lately"

The media has obtained the 911 call of the moments before Demi Moore was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital Monday night.

According to reports, the actress and her friends were taking the drug whip-its, which is basically nitrous oxide.

In the first part of the dramatic call, Demi Moore’s friend was just focused on getting an ambulance to the actress’ Beverly Hills home as quickly as possible and wasn’t calmly listening to the dispatcher’s immediate orders. The friend even began to argue with the operator. “She’s semi-conscious … barely. She’s convulsing,” the woman said. “Why is there not an ambulance coming now?!”

Thereafter, when the two were able to have a constructive conversation, there was another mix-up:

There is utter confusion at the beginning of the call — the dispatcher doesn’t know which department should handle the call. The woman says Demi smoked something — not marijuana — similar to incense and she’s having convulsions. The person says Demi was barely conscious (TMZ).

After all the confusion was over the 911 dispatcher asked the friend if she knew exactly what the Hollywood star smoked, and the woman replied: “She’s been having some issues with some other stuff lately. I don’t know what she’s been taking or not.”

Moore went to Sherman Oaks Hospital, and she checked into a drug rehab directly after her discharge.

The 911 call below:

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