Heidi Klum And Seal Don Wedding Rings Amidst Split

Heidi Klum and Seal both have been spotted wearing their wedding rings despite their separation announcement last weekend.

Just three days since the couple officially announced their separation due to “growing apart”, the supermodel and singer also seem to have trouble separating with their wedding rings.

Seal has been making his television rounds while promoting his latest CD “Soul 2” with his wedding ring intact and has not missed one moment of airtime to discuss the possibility of reconciliation.

“Never say never,” Seal said while interviewing with Piers Morgan which is set to air Friday.

“In terms of our love and respect for each other, it hasn’t changed at all,”

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When asked what was the reason for still wearing the ring?

“I still wear my wedding ring, because I’m still married to this incredible woman,” Seal said. “And you don’t all of a sudden one day to the next – unless you’re those type of people – just say ‘I hate you’ and take off your wedding ring. What this means to me and what it stands for, it stands for respect. It stands for loyalty, it stands for incredible memories and it stands for these four little miracles and Heidi making five that have come into my life over the past eight years.”

Heidi Klum must share the exact sentiments because the supermodel turned entrepreneur has been seen wearing her wedding ring   as she left filming for “Project Runway Los Angeles” on Wednesday. Unlike Seal, Klum was mum as she was escorted into a waiting car.

Apparently the two still love each other, but their relationship has issues that need be addressed and worked out.

“Obviously I can’t speak for my wife and I’m not gonna sit here and B.S. you and tell you we haven’t had problems,” Seal said. “Of course we’ve had problems. Otherwise, why are we splitting up? This is not a charade. We have problems. We have issues. But, in our favor, I think that to our credit, we have always been able to talk about it. We have always been able to confront each other.”

According to PEOPLE, the final straw that brought forth the shocking split was the couple’s constant arguing while vacaying in Aspen during Christmas.

“When they came together for Christmas as a family, things had changed and they fought a lot. Their Aspen trip was a bit of a mess. ‘Instead of enjoying being back together as a family, it was difficult for them to get along.”

Do you like how Heidi and Seal are handling their separation?


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