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Halle Berry Interviewed By Police Amid Child Abuse Case

Halle Berry’s ex-Gabriel Aubry allegedly pushed Nahla’s nanny into a door while holding the couple’s little tot.

This is according to Alliance Kamdem who claimed she feared retaliation from Aubry after an argument ensued following the whereabouts of Nahla, Gabriel and Halle’s 3-year-old daughter.

“Gabriel and the nanny got into an argument because no one alerted her that Nahla didn’t go to school,” according to RadarOnline.

Gabriel obviously didn’t like the nanny’s implication— as if Nahla was in danger because she was with him. A source claims that Gabriel began verbally abusing the nanny before he actually resorted to pushing her.

“She picked up Nahla to leave and Gabriel yelled at her and shoved her out the door so hard that she hit the wall — while she had Nahla in her arms!”

This prompted the nanny to take out a restraining order against Nahla’s dad.

So, why a restraining order instead of just pressing charges?

The nanny insists the abuse is ongoing.

Kamdem claims during a recent trip to Spain where Halle was shooting a movie, Gabriel “would walk over and violently grab/take Nahla away from me.”

“You are a spy,” and “Nahla doesn’t like you, she doesn’t want you here,” she said of her and Gabriel’s first meeting last June.

Sources close to Gabriel are claiming the stories are fabrications and don’t disclose the whole truth.

“Gabriel is fiercely protective of Nahla. The nanny tripped, and she fell while holding Nahla. Yes, Gabriel and the nanny were arguing, he felt like his parenting skills were under attack again. Gabriel can’t believe how out of control this situation has become. He is hopeful that criminal charges won’t be filed against him.”

As for the restraining order, the judge recently ruled against issuing one for Kamdem, calling her petition “insufficient and speculative” citing the issue belonged before a judge in family court; but, Aubry is now being investigated for misdemeanor battery and child endangerment.

In this ongoing feud between the actress and model, Halle has even resorted to having Gabriel banned from Nahla, but that battle was quickly put to rest. However, she is now cooperating with the LAPD on the current charges the nanny has alleged.

“Investigators interviewed Halle for about an hour. Even though she wasn’t a witness to the event that occurred with the nanny and Gabriel, she has a very strong narrative about what the nanny had told her had been occurring over the past several months,” according to RadarOnline. “Halle wanted law enforcement to have all relevant information. There is absolutely no love lost between Halle and Gabriel.”

Halle’s nanny has since quit.

We hope Halle and Gabriel can come to some amicable end—fast.


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