Rihanna Returns From Hawaii To Fresh Rumors Of Chris Brown Affair


Rihanna leaves her sexy Hawaii vacation with a noticeable tan line minus a bra and makeup. The ‘We Found Love’ singer spent eight days on the beautiful island flaunting her envious body in various bikinis. The most famous of them all was Rihanna’s thong bikini pictures, preceded by a slew of tweets with her wearing a white string bikini during a workout. It is rumored that the Bajan beauty had a ravenous appetite on her vacation. According to the Daily Mirror Rihanna and her girlfriends had a massive craving for junk food such as Oreos, Haagen-Dazs ice cream and pizza.

“She was staying at an exclusive villa. They didn’t have the junk food she required so staff had it flown in via helicopter.”

Perhaps the ‘Man Down’ singer’s appetite can be attributed to her smoking a few blunts. Touching down at Los Angeles International airport Rihanna looked relaxed, so much so that she decided against wearing a bra and ditched the make up altogether.

What do you think of Rihanna’s post vacation look?

UPDATE: The Rihanna and Chris Brown rumor mill is at it again. Just hours after landing Rihanna popped into Greystone Manor club where Chris and his girlfriend Karrueche also partied. Several party goers tweeted there was no contact between Rihanna and Chris – how bold would she be anyway with Karrueche nearby?? This is the closest the former couple have ever came since the restraining order was loosen last year.

A new report surfaced with a source telling Radar Online that Rihanna is in full control of her alleged relationship with Chris Brown.

‚ÄúRihanna doesn’t care if she were to get public backlash if they were to reconcile, she is the one calling the shots now, which she likes.”

Rihanna is nothing short of boss but we’ll leave the rumors as such…..for now.

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