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Love & Hip Hop: Kimbella's Shocking Pregnancy, Somaya Returns

UPDATE-Love & Hip Hop season finale airs tonight with more than a few loose ends to wrap up. Much of the episode surrounds newcomer Kimbella Vanderhee who begins by quickly updating Yandy Smith on her second round battle with Erica Mena. With the fight update out of the way Kimbella who also revealed she was pregnant begins to drop hints that her boyfriend, rapper, Juelz Santana is cheating on her. For much of the episode it appears that Kimbella is setting up grounds to break up with Santana but in the end – perhaps due to the surprising pregnancy – she decides to ride it out.

Chrissy Lampkin, Jim Jones and Mama Jones made amends on their once volatile relationship. In the finale the Jones’ and Chrissy take a trip to Jamaica.

Olivia Longott battles her manager Rich over signing a deal with EMI – in the end she decides to keep fighting on her own. Was this the best decision for Olivia? Emily B and Fabolous are not getting back together – at least not during taping. She also receives some surprising advice from Chrissy on Fabolous’ cheating ways. What did you think of Chrissy’s ‘do it but never let me find out’ advice’?

There’s one veteran missing from that line up – Somaya Reece! Ever since bad girl Erica Mena came on the scene Somaya has been missing in action. Fans who screamed at VH1 to return the Boss Latina to the show will be in for a surprise when the reunion airs on February 6th. In the meantime Somaya revealed she has a new look, a new investor and a move back to LA. What do you think of the look?

Finally, Yandy is moving on from her main client Jim Jones onto other ventures, while the finale shows Yandy and Mama Jones on good terms the reunion will likely address their beef. Kimbella is pregnant, Chrissy is happy and Emily is holding her head up high. What were your favorite highlights of Love and Hip Hop’s season 2?

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0 thoughts on “Love & Hip Hop: Kimbella's Shocking Pregnancy, Somaya Returns

  1. khud says:

    I hate the hairdo for Somaya. If she is happy with her new look that’s great. But the hair gotta go.

  2. Nikkidawn says:

    I love Chrissy!!! she’s awesome holds her own while still looking like a lady, Kimbella is sweet i almost feel bad for her, as far as Yandy goes she needs to fall back she’s causing problems and putting her two cents in where nobody wants it. Somaya should come back she seems like a down girl who protects her friends, and Emily is adorable and really shows her loyalty to Chrissy in the last few episodes.! Love me some love and hip hop keep it coming!

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