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Beyonce Suffers Twitter Attack By Roseanne Barr For Etta James Tribute

Etta James, 73, died from complications of Leukemia on January 20th. The Rhythm and Blues legend who suffered a long battle with Leukemia and Dementia was surrounded by her family at the time of her death. Etta’s sons Sametto and Donto James shared with the Jazz singer’s fans what her last moments where like.

Shortly after James’ death, Beyonce Knowles, who sung ‘At Last’ at the inaugural ball for President Obama, paid tribute through her site.

“Etta James was one of the greatest vocalists of our time. I am so fortunate to have met such a queen.”

Comedian Rosanne Barr wasn’t very thrilled with Beyonce remembering the legendary singer – so much so that she blasted her on Twitter:

“I lost ALL respect for Obama when he dissed Etta James in favor of Beyonce. No respect for women at all, I thought-Etta was a hero 2 women. I loved Etta James -and yes that did it for me — He hurt her when she was ill”

I have not listened to anything Beyonce or Jay z has said or recorded since they did that to Etta. Their arrogance was disgusting. Beyonce’s fans are really ignorant-she should not be proud of entertaining drooling mutants! People are telling me that some of beyonce’s fans can spell and have graduated from high school!”

Not surprisingly Roseanne apologized a short time later:

“I sincerely want2 apologize 4 the rude comments I made2 twitters defending the fabulously talented Beyonce. I reverted 2 stand up slams.”

It’s only been three days since Etta James’ death – was Roseanne out of line?

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