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Love & Hip Hop Star Olivia Longott Clarifies Basketball Wives Diss

Love & Hip Hop cast member Olivia Longott talks about being on one of VH1’s highest rated shows and how the show garners such ratings.

Olivia seems proud on one hand to be on the popular show, “in our show there’s so much for everybody to gravitate to,” yet a bit perturbed at what cost.

“They make it seem like it’s such a struggle and like I need sympathy or something, and it bothers me to my core,” suggesting editing makes her appear a certain way on camera.


Maybe Monday’s episode was one of those moments Olivia speaks of.

“There is some fighting and stuff on the show, but that’s what happens when you put certain people in a setting who would not normally be in a setting together,” Olivia continued.

Yandy Smith, Jim Jones ex-manager also suggested producers “set up” situations.”The producers like to get a reaction because a good fight can lead to 3 million viewers,’ said Yandy.

Apparently deeming the popular reality show Basketball Wives a good comparison, Olivia explains, “In ‘Basketball Wives,’ I thought they were always bickering about nothing. They didn’t really have anything else to talk about, everyone was just sitting around having drinks.


Fresh off a twitter beef with Mama Jones (Jim Jones’ Mother), Olivia’s latest comments almost triggered another one with Basketball Wives’ star Tami Roman.

“Supposedly we have wack story lines & all we have 2offer is a good fight over drinks. I’m not beefing…I just thought we’d all support each other-we’re all in the same game, maybe I was mistaken. Its cool tho…” Tami tweeted.

Quick to set the record straight, Olivia tweeted in response: “nope!I said our story lines are diff because we are a hiphop bashed shown and that u guys do dinner n drink scenes n we break glasses on our drink scenes why we have plastic cups now. would never call yall wack I been a fan of the show…wrong info!”

In true Twitter beef form, Tami half-heartedly apologized when she recognized her mistake.

Do you think Olivia has a point about the show’s editing?

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