Love & Hip Hop: Chrissy Lamkin, Yandy Smith And Olivia Hash It Out

VH1’s Love & Hip Hop women are struggling to find balance with one another as ongoing drama is ripping friendships at the seams.

On last night’s episode both Yandy Smith and Chrissy Lampkin spoke with the other girls (Emily Bustamante and Olivia Longott) at separate times in hopes of putting their Miami fight into perspective and weeding out the real friends from the fake.

First Yandy met with Emily and Olivia fishing for feedback on whether she was out of line for the email referencing Jim Jones’ spending habits on his fiance Chrissy. Emily sided with Chrissy, but wanted no parts of the drama, opting to remain neutral. Olivia on the other hand seemed to side more with Yandy, explaining that it’s time for Chrissy to step up and accept her part in the drama, but stopped short of saying Chrissy was wrong citing the burden of being in the middle.

After her meet up with the girls Yandy needed further confirmation about the melee so she turned to her former boss Mona Scott Young who gives it to her straight. Mona explicitly tells Yandy she was wrong for her lack of professionalism and for believing Jim would chose her over Chrissy. “Your email should have said two words:   I resign.”

Meanwhile, Chrissy met up with Olivia and Emily in hopes of reaching a similar objective as Yandy . It was obvious during the conversation that Emily stood firm in Chrissy’s corner but while opting for neutrality earlier, Emily was more than eager to instigate Olivia’s questionable loyalty to Chrissy.

Emily informed Chrissy that Olivia felt Yandy was always being the “bigger person.” It didn’t take long for Chrissy to back Olivia in a corner to make a decision.

“I don’t need no weak*ss people around me and I don’t need no sucker*ss people around me because I have no room for it,” Chrissy snipped.”

“Well, ain’ either of those things then, we good,” Olivia followed up. And judging by Olivia’s twitter beef with Mama Jones we’re guessing that answer wasn’t sufficient.

What do did you think of last night’s episode of   Love and Hip Hop? Does Chrissy and Yandy have a point about Olivia’s shaky loyalty?

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