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Love & Hip Hop: Chrissy Lamkin, Yandy Smith And Olivia Hash It Out

VH1’s Love & Hip Hop women are struggling to find balance with one another as ongoing drama is ripping friendships at the seams.

On last night’s episode both Yandy Smith and Chrissy Lampkin spoke with the other girls (Emily Bustamante and Olivia Longott) at separate times in hopes of putting their Miami fight into perspective and weeding out the real friends from the fake.

First Yandy met with Emily and Olivia fishing for feedback on whether she was out of line for the email referencing Jim Jones’ spending habits on his fiance Chrissy. Emily sided with Chrissy, but wanted no parts of the drama, opting to remain neutral. Olivia on the other hand seemed to side more with Yandy, explaining that it’s time for Chrissy to step up and accept her part in the drama, but stopped short of saying Chrissy was wrong citing the burden of being in the middle.

After her meet up with the girls Yandy needed further confirmation about the melee so she turned to her former boss Mona Scott Young who gives it to her straight. Mona explicitly tells Yandy she was wrong for her lack of professionalism and for believing Jim would chose her over Chrissy. “Your email should have said two words:   I resign.”

Meanwhile, Chrissy met up with Olivia and Emily in hopes of reaching a similar objective as Yandy . It was obvious during the conversation that Emily stood firm in Chrissy’s corner but while opting for neutrality earlier, Emily was more than eager to instigate Olivia’s questionable loyalty to Chrissy.

Emily informed Chrissy that Olivia felt Yandy was always being the “bigger person.” It didn’t take long for Chrissy to back Olivia in a corner to make a decision.

“I don’t need no weak*ss people around me and I don’t need no sucker*ss people around me because I have no room for it,” Chrissy snipped.”

“Well, ain’ either of those things then, we good,” Olivia followed up. And judging by Olivia’s twitter beef with Mama Jones we’re guessing that answer wasn’t sufficient.

What do did you think of last night’s episode of   Love and Hip Hop? Does Chrissy and Yandy have a point about Olivia’s shaky loyalty?

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0 thoughts on “Love & Hip Hop: Chrissy Lamkin, Yandy Smith And Olivia Hash It Out

  1. Nett says:

    Bye Chrissy, who do u think u r, u r dead wrong & since none of these weak as so called WOMEN wanna tell u, I am here 2 tell u, u have issues & defects & some1 needs 2 knock ur false teeth out immediately & if its Yandy, that would be great, Emily is the weakest link on the show & that’s why u have her so close bcuz u can control her being as tho u are so insecure about Jimmy, if Jimmy kicks u 2 the curb 2day, u know u will have nothing & he is ur last & final chance 2 living as a freeloader, what booster/thief/swindler wants 2 work hard 4 what they can get 4 free…u need anger management by the way bcuz if anything happens 2 Jim when he kicks ur sorry a** 2 the curb, there will be hell 2 pay…Jim get some balls (testicular fortitude) & run like hell from Chrissy & watch the blessings as they shower u!!!!!

  2. kimberly says:


  3. Hitgirl says:

    Chrissy is the most sorriest female Ive ever seen to grace reality television. I mean as a black woman, why don’t you atleast try to hold yourself to a higher standard? It’s bad enough that society already has these preconceived notions about black women, and here your ass comes and proves every one right! Loud, ghetoo, golddigger, no job having hood rat! And finally your ass is entirely too old to be waiting for people after the club! You are 42 years old, and have no education, no job, no children! 0 accomplishments! Go harvest your eggs, get an education, some class and a job of your own! You know nothing about buisness to be in the middle of Jimmy’s/telling Yandy how to do her job! You are one sad older woman!!!!!

  4. Keeping It Real says:

    Really? Get out of here. U would think that your opinion is
    worth something but it’s not. I’m not surprised that most of u women are siding with Yandy. Fake ass ppl click. No one likes Chrissy b/c she has morals, she calls
    a spade a spade. Whatever! Everybody can see that either Yandy has slept with
    Jim or she wants to. u and no other woman is just going to sit back and not have an
    opinion about whats going on with your man, thats basic pillar talk. what she need
    to do is get a man of her own and keep it movin. U dont know what she has had to swallow lovin Jim? Just a tip God loves usall and he showers down blessigs
    on us evertday we wake up. Write your faults on the wall and then ask yourself,
    who am I to judge? Keep your head up Chrissy!

  5. Lorna says:

    Girls can relate to Yandy, Women can relate to Chrissy! Yandy is a trouble maker, a s— starter and needs to get a life. Clearly she wants Jimmy and will do anything to get him. She needs to find a man of her own and stay out of her so call client personal business. You are WRONG Yandy, Wrong, wrong. Who is going to sit by and let some woman dictate how her man spends his money and who he spends it on. Calling the man’s engagement an installment plan. She is so jealous until it is not even funny, jealous, jealous.

  6. girlrinky says:

    chrissy my girl why sre u all worrying about chrissy age she looks good no matter what’s her age is chrissy keep doing what your doing NO U B##ch are sad

  7. Ms Opinionated says:

    Chrissy is so jealous of Yandy. Yandy has an education Chrissy straight up from the street. NO Talent. JJ did that engaement for drama I bet he does not marry her! Also JJ look like he could use a Drug Program. Is this my imagination does he look drowsy all time?

  8. Charmaine Johnson says:

    LISTEN. I love Yandy cuz she is about her Money. She is mostly professional and knows how to kick it. it seems as if she is a woman before anything. on the hand chrissy you are very trashy/not classy cuz all you wanna do is fight. you need to get you some other business and get some money going on like yandy. olivia i respect her for her opinion and emily your a weak link and need to move on from Fab because he’s not thinking about you obviously.

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