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Love & Hip Hop: Mama Jones Defends Beef With Yandy Smith And Olivia

UPDATE-VH1’s Love & Hip Hop star Jim Jones’ mother, Mama Jones, recently called into New Orleans’ radio station Q93 and defended her recent twitter beefs with Yandy Smith and Olivia Longott.

Regarding her twitter beef with Love and Hip Hop co-star Olivia, Ms. Jones had this to say;

“I think she is rude….and maybe she thinks because she doesn’t have a relationship with her own mother that she can take it out on other people’s mothers.   But I’m not the one.”

She added, “She called me nasty…we are not the same age.   She needs to call me Miss Nancy or Miss Jones….And when I see her…’s a bad bad day.” If you recall Olivia ended the twitter rant with,

“I wanna respect my elders but 4some odd reason this old bag keeps f*ckin w/me & aint nobody thinkin bout u so suck my d*ck *Oliver voice*

Needless to say Mama Jones stated she and Olivia will never, ever be friends again. Regarding Yandy,

Jones says she was offended by Chrissy Lampkin and Yandy’s fight.   She says Yandy does “too much” and oversteps her boundaries as a manager.

As she put it, “Sit your ass down.”   But she says there is a chance they could “make up” in the future. Listen to the full audio below:

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