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Marc Anthony Demands Jennifer Lopez See A Psychiatrist

Has Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez’s arguing hit a new low?

Every since the hot Latin duo announced they were divorcing last summer in July, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony seemed to have abandoned any thoughts of getting along amicably.

According to RadarOnline, Marc told Jennifer over the weekend that she should see a psychiatrist to determine why she is incapable of being alone, and goes straight from one romantic relationship to another.

After weeks of rumors circulating that the 42-year-old mother of his twins, Max and Emme, was dating her much younger background dancer, 24-year-old Casper Smart, pictures were soon released of the two enjoying a cozy vacation together last November—all but verifying the two as an item. A source insists Jennifer’s latest hookup is the reason for Marc’s tirades.

“The real source of Marc’s anger is Jen’s relationship with back-up dancer, Casper Smart. Jen is VERY serious about him, and it makes Marc extremely jealous.”

Marc told Jen that she [should] see a psychiatrist to deal with her issues to figure out why she always needs a man in her life. Remember, Jen and Ben [Affleck] had just broken up when she got hot and heavy with Marc. Jen’s relationship with Marc was the longest relationship she ever had with anyone, about seven and a half years.”

Wonder why Marc is mad when he is a seeing an equally younger 24 year old Venezuelan model, Shannon De Lima? The two have recently surfaced together as an item and Marc even took to Twitter to display his affection to the curvaceous model.

“A mi @Shadelima mi estatua de libertad. Besos bebe,” the singer wrote. (That translates into English as “To @Shadelima, my statue of liberty. Kisses, baby.”)

Though the superstars are seeing other people, neither has filed for divorce. This doesn’t stop Marc from making threatening demands towards Jennifer. He has demanded to see the twins more often and has banned her younger boyfriend from ever driving the twins anywhere. Giving Casper’s recent legal issues, we understand the concerns here.

But is Marc trying to have his cake and eat it too? Reportedly Marc has threatened to take legal actions against J.Lo if she doesn’t follow his demands. (Really?)

Jennifer is notorious for her break-ups and quick recovery relationships thereafter, but does Marc have a right to suggest a shrink? Or do you think Marc is being a cautious father?

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