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Katy Perry And Russell Brand Divorce Anger Hindu Leaders

Its official, Katy Perry and Russell Brand are divorcing and Brand isn’t wasting any time as reports already begin circulating that he’s making plans to move back to London.

It appears opposites don’t attract after all as the self proclaimed party animal Brand and his pop songstress wife Katy Perry, who was raised in a staunchly religious family, are parting ways after Brand filed for divorce while the two spent the holidays apart.

And that may not be the only split ahead for the embattled couple. According to NY Daily News, according to California Law the two must split their earnings because there was no prenuptial agreement. Perry’s reportedly worth $15 million according to Forbes list which would entitle Brand to a little over $20million.

Ouch…$20million would sting even the wealthiest of celebrities for one year worth of matrimony.   Word is Perry is leaning on her friend and fellow pop artist Rihanna for support during her time of need. A source confirmed the two communicated by releasing this statement to the Sun;

“Katy is hardly speaking to anyone right now, but she called Rihanna as soon as she heard Russell was filing for divorce. When Rihanna told her the news, she suggested flying down to Barbados to stay with her and her family.”

While Perry considers extending her tropical getaway, Brand may be pondering extending his London departure as sources claim he may be making his UK visit a permanent one.   Here’s what one source shared with The Daily Star;

“He would be keen to move back to Britain as he needs a fresh start. It’s a terrible time for him and despite his growing fame in America, he wants to cope with it by being back on home turf.”

So what drove this seemingly happy couple apart? Was it Perry’s family…or perhaps Brands partying? One of the couples aids claimed jealousy may have been the root of their failure as he confirmed Brand and Perry often had childish spats given Brand was upset that Perry was a bigger star than him.

“I believe the filing of this divorce was as childish as many of their arguments. It was a case of ‘I’m dumping you before you can dump me’, a total pride thing. I don’t think Russell liked that Katy was the bigger star. He’d pick her to pieces over the most trivial things.”

So sad to see these two are breaking up.   Hopefully Katy and Russell can try their best to amicably end things so we won’t have yet another Hollywood circus on our hands.

UPDATE: Katy and Russell who married in spiritual ceremony in October 2010 are reportedly angering a few Hindu leaders who believe the couple did not take their vows seriously. According to NY Daily News Rajan Zed, president of the Universal Society of Hinduism told WENN,

“They should have taken marriage more seriously as it is a sacred rite in Hinduism. In Hinduism, marriage is the most important sacrament.

“If celebrities opt for a Hindu wedding, they should be prepared to adhere to the commitment, devotion, responsibility, sanctity and morals, which are attached to it.”

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