Katy Perry And Russell Brand Divorce: What Went Wrong

Katy Perry and her British comedian husband Russell Brand have called it quits. After months of speculation and a holiday apart, Russell Brand has filed for divorce from Katy Perry. E! Online outlined the anatomy of their breakup following their October 23rd, 2010 wedding:

April 28, 2011: Perry takes legal action against Australian tabloid, NW, after it publishes a story alleging she cheated on Brand just months after they tied the knot.

July 18, 2011: In the wake of rumors of a separation, Katy and Russell hit the Twitterverse to let everyone know they are still going strong. “Just cause we don’t flaunt our relationship doesn’t mean there’s something wrong w/it,” Perry tweets. “Privacy is our luxury. #tabloidsrtrash #gossipisgross.” And then Brand chimes in, tweeting, “You tell em Mrs Brand! In Britain we’re currently dismantling the scum media so I’m not tuned in to their brain-farting.”

November 30, 2011:   The Katy/Russell rumor mill surges again. Several media outlets run with an unconfirmed story that Perry wanted to divorce Brand, a “rumor” that a spokesman for Brand denied.

Over the Christmas break Katy was spotted in Hawaii and Russell in London without their wedding rings. And on Friday afternoon, Russell confirmed the news,

“Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage. I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends.”

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