Eva Mendes, Ryan Gosling Star In 'Drunk History Christmas'


Eva Mendes and her boyfriend Ryan Gosling came together to reenact the night before Christmas in ‘Drunk History Christmas’ for Funny or Die. Narrated in part by comedian and actor Allan McLeod, Ryan and Eva play husband and wife while Jim Carrey took on the role as Santa Claus. Allan who began drinking since the afternoon attempted to recite the classic Christmas poem fully inebriated.

“I’m sorry guys. Guys, I’m sorry,” Alan apologized several times while slurring his words and fumbling mercilessly through the skit. “On Dancer, on Prancer, on Shouter and Blintzen [sic]. On… uh… maybe, I, they may have, I may have already named all the guys,” he states.

If drunk humor gets you going then this Funny or Die video is for you. BTW: Eva and Ryan haven’t officially confirmed their relationship but they’re not fooling anyone! Be warned the video below contains crude language.


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