Beyonce's Pregnancy Plagued By Gaming Lawsuit

Beyonce‘s pregnancy isn’t the only big news the ‘Single Ladies’ singer has to contend with over the holidays.   It appears she’s also being sued by video game developer Gate Five for allegedly failing to uphold contract obligations regarding a video game she previously agreed to help develop.

This past Tuesday, a New York Court judge denied Beyonce’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit which may cost the singer upwards of $100 million dollars. Ouch! Now that’s an amount liable to hurt even the wealthiest of music moguls. So why you ask is the amount so inflated?

Well Gate Five is alleging that not only had they already spent $6.7 million on the game’s production prior to Beyonce demanding more money; but they also had to lay off 70 employees just before Christmas after the pop songstress pulled out.

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Gate Five is claiming that Beyonce’s demands scared off their leading investor which caused a $19.2 million dollar financing deal to fall through.   However, Beyonce claims that she had every right to release herself from the before mentioned contract when Gate Five was unable to obtain $5 million of the quote “committed financing” agreed upon for the project.

Gate Five claimed Beyonce’s financing concerns were simply unfounded.   They further iterated that her apprehension was unwarranted given their appointment to sign the $19.2 million dollar deal the same day Beyonce backed out.

Beyonce’s attorneys attempted to urge the judge to simply review the contact in an effort to squash the plaintiff’s suit. However, New York Superior Court judge Charles Ramos rejected Beyonce’s motion to dismiss without even offering the singer a written explanation.

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Gate Five’s complaint, the Starpower, claims that Beyonce’s video game was expected to generate millions of dollars in profit which is why the company felt their damages request was valid. And Gate Five didn’t stop there; they also sought an injunction preventing Beyonce from working on any other video games until their grievance was handled.

Wow, that’s a lot of bread even when you’re rolling in the dough. Let’s hope Mrs. Knowles Carter handles the matter quickly and as inexpensively as possible so she can get back to enjoying her baby.

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