Vivica A. Fox Reveals It Was She Who Ended Engagement With 'Slimm'


Vivica A Fox revealed the truth behind her breakup from former fiance Omar ‘Slimm’ White. Last month we were under the impression that Omar broke off the engagement when after he quickly released a statement confirming the breakup.

“She’s a good woman, it’s just one of those situations where in life people outgrow each other. I’m highly intelligent, very wise and one thing I hate is negativity and drama, I hate arguing, and I value communication no matter what the problem may be. So as in any relationship, tension can build up and I finally had to walk away.”

“I was only in it for love and it just didn’t work out. Even though she was older than me the age difference didn’t play a part.”

On Wednesday Vivica told a slightly different story to Access Hollywood. Fox revealed it was she who had the courage to end things before jumping the broom with Slim.

“Sometimes in relationships there are warning signs,” said Fox. “And I think that once you get older, I’ve been married before that if there are warning signs you should pay attention to them before you get families involved, all the hoopla and things like that. If things aren’t working out, it’s okay to move on.”

Watch Vivica A. Fox’s interview with Access Hollywood below: Will she find love again?

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