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Jessica Simpson Flaunts Huge Baby Bump; Britney Spears Birthday Wishes

Britney Spears who turned 30 years old yesterday spent her big day with family. Britney went ice skating in Houston with her boyfriend Jason Trawick while spending the evening with her sons Preston, 6, and Jayden, 5 in bed responding to her well wishers. Kim Kardashian who just entered her 30’s assured Britney she would enjoy the new milestone:

“Happy birthday to the beautiful Miss Britney Spears! Welcome to the 30’s club, Brit!! I wish you all the best for this next year and beyond. You’re going to love your 30’s! I love you and hope you have a magical day.”

Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber phoned in their birthday wishes. Nicki Minaj, who accompanied Britney on her Femme Fatale tour took it a step further with a video dedicated to Britney.

“Hi Britneyyyyyyy! I just wanted to say happy birthday to such an icon,” Nicki says in the video. “Thank you for letting me be a part of your amazing Femme Fatale Tour. May God bless you with many, many more! Kiss the boys for me. You are great. You deserve everything good under the sun. It’s Britney b*tch!”

Happy B’day to Britney Spears!

Jessica Simpson Predicts She’s Having A Baby Girl While Flaunting Her Growing Baby Bump

Jessica Simpson is out flaunting her growing baby bump. While in New York City on Friday, Jessica predicted the gender of her baby.

“I think it’s a girl,” Jessica told People magazine. “But I don’t know yet, ” she added.

While Jessica is eager to predict a girl, her fiance Eric Johnson had other plans. “I think it’s a boy,” says Eric who was on hand at Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York.

Sounds like Eric is hoping for an athlete while Jessica wants a fashionista. “We’re pretty much at a standstill there,” revealed Eric.

“I don’t think we can wait. Jessica is too honest about everything, she needs to know. I don’t think she can hold that secret to herself.” With that said Jessica plans to visit her doctor on Monday to confirm the gender of her baby. “I like to plan things out,” Simpson told Us magazine. “It’ll be good to know what colors to make the nursery. I’m obsessed with thinking about what it’s going to look like.”

Jessica is in stark contrast to Beyonce who’s also expecting her first child in the very future but refuses to divulge any information on her due date much less the gender. Others crave the attention more than others.

Nicki’s birthday video to Britney

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