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Eva Mendes & Ryan In Paris; Jennifer Lopez Hides Under Casper Smart

UPDATE-Actress Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling sealed their relationship in Paris albeit in a rather creepy way. Eva, 37 and Ryan, 31 spent their holidays in the city of lights exploring the legendary cemetery Pere-Lachaise in Paris and visiting the resting place of Jim Morrison, Édith Piaf and Oscar Wilde, which is known as the City of the Dead, according to People. The couple also visited the Catacombs of Paris, where they travel underground to see some of the historic site that houses the skeletal remains of six million Parisians.

A witness who spotted the couple stated, “They were holding hands and there was a lot of tenderness between them.”

Jennifer Lopez Hides From Cameras Under Casper Smart In Hawaii

UPDATE-Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart have also sealed their relationship after they photographed together in Kauai, Hawaii!! J.Lo spent her Thanksgiving holidays in Hawaii with her family, her new boyfriend Casper Smart and of course no Marc Anthony. But while Jennifer has not publicly confirmed she’s dating anyone these new pictures of the JLo wearing a bikini and Casper in swimsuits sharing a cabana tells the story. At one point, Jennifer is seen hiding her face under Casper’s wing – hiding from the paps perhaps? A source reportedly told Mail Online,

‘He seemed very protective towards her, it was quite sweet… he seemed like the older one, they seemed if not love, well, very happy to be together.

Another source told People, “Jennifer was excited about her Thanksgiving break. She and Casper are having fun.”

In a previous interview in October, Jennifer stated her children are her first priority and would zip her lips when it comes to her relationships:

“And because of them, I wouldn’t ever comment on anything until I’m in a serious relationship again. It would just be confusing for them and it would be unfair. And so at the end of the day, it’s about them.”

So this either means that the twins were not invited, no pics have surfaced yet or Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez are getting serious. Honestly we’re hoping it’s the former. A boy toy fresh off a 7-year divorce is fun…..that’s it.

Check out some pictures courtesy of TMZ of Casper and Jennifer.

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