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Love And Hip Hop Recap: Somaya, Chrissy And Yandy Take Center Stage

Somaya Reece’s showcase debut on last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop was full of surprises. The 31-year old artist and entrepreneur put on a premier showcase with her pants ajar during her second wardrobe change.

Despite an audience member bringing the malfunction to Somaya’s attention, she trooped with her performance albeit slightly embarrassed.

In an interview following the performance Somaya stated;
“A fan in the audience pointed down to my fly, I looked down as I was rapping and thought oh my god. The show gotta go on, and I’m not gonna stop, boob out, leg out, whatever.”

Despite her good efforts, fellow cast mate Olivia had nothing nice to say, “She needs to just stop. She can’t sing, she can’t rap…just stop…really.”

Next up: Chrissy‘s feud with Kimbella, girlfriend to Dipset member Juelz Santana, rumbled on as she refused to apologize for her role in their earlier scuffle despite Yandy Smith’s urging.

Yandy, manager for Dipset members Jim Jones and Juelz Santana, continued rubbing Chrissy the wrong way as she bounced to the tunes of “Psychotic Bitch”, a song created by Mama Jones, mother of Jim Jones, which directly took aim at Chrissy.   When Yandy was asked about how one might address Jim’s mom, she told MTV;

“We can’t control her but we try to sometimes control the forces around her, especially when Jimmy is unhappy,” she says. “I think Jim gets to a point where [he thinks]–it’s my mom and it’s my wife–he loves them both dearly and of course he doesn’t want to see them fight, but it’s a hard place to be. They’re both A-type personalities, so just trying to back them both down or have someone apologize, it’s just not gonna happen.”

Yandy may have been trying to lighten the mood, but Chrissy’s nose only flared more as she questioned why Yandy’s motives appeared more and more financially motivated despite her claims that Dipset was a family connected by love, not money.

To add further insult to injury, VH1 has now decided to enforce a total ban on all glass and metal silverware on set of Love and Hip Hop during the taping of each show. That’s right, because of the scrapes, stitches and bloodshed brought on from the many girl fights, VH1 says plastic only.   TMZ confirmed this allegation by reporting last week;

“We’re told producers are fed up with all the injuries on set from girl-on-girl violence, the bloodshed, the stitches, and have decided to institute an all-plastic policy while camera are rolling.   Plastic cups, plastic knives, plastic everything.”

Nice, now VH1 is forced to treat these ladies like the children they often appear to be.

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  1. MELISSA says:


  2. love your show we watch it all the time every time it come on you know it it the best show i ever wacth you the bosses

  3. Surina Barret says:

    Check her for what? If her ass was Jim’s manager she would say CHECK too! Hell even without being his manage, she saying CHECK I bet! LOL hell Yandy gotta eat too! And hell let’s just be realistic, your blood family comes to you and discusses business with you, and both of yall gettin money, it’s MONEY to be got! I mean the love is always there, but let’s not forget, we both can’t sleep outside, nor eat spit sandwiches! Once again Crissy gotta act as if she so the look out down for my JIM! Man being down for a man like that is about makin sure he gets the money he deserves regardless of what someone else’s intentions are period! If Yandy says check, shit say damn right CHECK bitch, but my man’s check betta be bigger than yours! He gotta get on dat stage! And dats how you keep the MONEY rollin! Dumb ass bitch now you lost money, Yandy lost money, and JIM lost money! WHY? And then now Yandy’s like, I don’t have time for this shit just to manage JIM! LOL I hope she let her ass manage him! And I still love me some Jim Jones!

  4. Rachel Ferragamo says:

    You know what – I absolutely LOVE me some Chrissy – She is a strong, intelligent, and beautiful woman! On top of all that she has alot of common sense – something most of lady’s today are LACKING BIG TIME! Chrissy had and has EVERY RIGHT to check Yandy for her tackless and disrespectful behavior. The “I’m about my money” bs shouldn’t have to be said because it’s part of your job – it goes without saying! Someone that is always talking bout “my money – getting my checks, etc” 9 times outta 10 – they are flashing all they got and it ain’t much! People with real money don’t brag about it or talk about because they don’t need to – nor do they want every Tom, Dick, and Harry knowing their financial situation – ie. bank acct balance! Yandy was MAD disrespectful by getting herself involved in any way, shape, or form with the whole Mama Jones and Chrissy dilema – From giving Chrissy the “How to be a Daughter-In-Law” book to and especially getting up in front of an entire club & more importantly – Chrissy’s inner circle – and dancing to Mama Jones’ song “Psychotic Bitch” – Yandy’s lucky that Chrissy didn’t play out a sequel to the ass-whopping she gave to Kimbella out on Yandy’s busted grill-piece! And Jim did stand up for his lady cuz he definately knows that he’s got him a one of a kind, top of the line woman that’s down with him – thick or thin – and will ALWAYS have his back and his best interest – AT ALL TIMES! I love me some Love & Hip Hop!

  5. rubie says:

    If yandy is the professional she claims to be she would not refer to any of her clients as my money. she’s flexing the street degree more than she is her college degree. chrissy reacted the same way any real woman would react to Yandy’s disrespect. She stood up for a friend whether she did it the right way or wrong way Yandy’s not her mother. Kimbella knew what she was doing. Someone who is always talking about how smart they are have some insecurties that they are not facing. It is not Chrissy who is insecure about Yandy it is the other way around. What Yandy is missing is a man and the relationship that Jim and Chrissy has that she does not. Jim loves chrissy and visa versa, he also respects her. We talk about black men and the way they treat their women. This brother and sister didn’t have the Huxtable life but you don’t have to, to have real love. That’s Yandy’s problem with Chrissy, she got the real love that she desires. Get over it, Yandy. It is not about the degree it’s about true love and if you are patient you will find it. Stop taking about how much money you can make off you clients publicly. Sooner or later it will backfire on you. My son have been in the business for years. I have never heard him refer to clients as his money and none of the other professionals I know. It’s disrepect it business, Business Ethics. You say you have a business degree, you should know this in your first two years into your degree. It’s required. The things that come out of your mouth towards Chrissy is meant to provke and hurt her. You deserve what you get until you stop the crap. Chrissy you are beautiful and classy and if you have to whup some ass now and then I understand. Yandy’s an unhappy chick, with the money. Because it can’t keep her warm at night and that paper shit can’t wrap you up when you want to snuggle. Yandy wants or a Jim. You don’t cry like that over a client. Oh sorry! I mean client/brother.

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