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Jennifer Lopez, Marc, Demi, Ashton, Kim And Kris: The Craziness of the Hollywood Marriage



UPDATE-From Jennifer Lopez to Demi Moore, Zoe Saldana to Kim Kardashian–and every member of the “Basketball Wives” cast–the one thing that Hollywood continues to make clear is this: If we want marriage advice, marriage guidance and marriage role models, the LAST place we should look is to Hollywood. That’s because the things that marriages need to work–a semblance of a routine, a minimum of temptation, a scarcity of drama, an abundance of stability, a modicum of trust–are exactly the things that are in short supply in a typical Hollywood marriage.

With each new report of celebrity love blooming, we get reeled in. This looks like the one that will last forever. After all, we think, (1) they look like they are SO much in love, every time we see them pictured together; (2) they seem so perfect for each other–both of them are famous and beautiful; and (3) they have all the money in the world, which, to those of us in regular marriages out here in the real world–where money often seem to be the beginning, middle and end of our relationship troubles–sounds like the perfect formula for a perfect union.

But soon–sometimes as soon as 72 days later, in the case of Kim Kardashian–the reports begin to trickle out. There is trouble in paradise. Despite ourselves, we delve into the stories, looking for a smoking gun, an easy explanation for why this one turned sour. But I contend that the typical Hollywood marriage is the opposite of a real relationship. If they DON’T end in abject failure, we should be shocked.

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