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‘You Killed Kyle’: Outraged Fans Call Out Jennifer Lopez After TikToker Whose Account She Had Permanently Banned Months Earlier Dies

Popular TikTok creator Kyle Marisa Roth, most known for posting celebrity blind items, recently passed away at age 36. Though her family did not disclose what brought about her untimely passing, some fans are placing the blame on Jennifer Lopez.

“I have a devastating loss to share, Roth’s mother, Jacquie Cohen Roth, said in a LinkedIn post dated April 15. “My daughter Kyle has passed away. She touched some of your lives personally and some of your lives via her immense life on another platform. Kyle loved and lived fiercely. Nothing makes sense now, and we’ll understand more in the next few days.”

Roth’s mother concluded her announcement by saying, “Be kind to one another, please.”

Kyle Marisa Roth was known for sharing celebrity gossip, Hollywood insights, and blind items with her fans. She had recently posted blind items — posts that don’t name the person being discussed — on Diddy, The Rock, Jay-Z, and countless other A-listers. She’s also had quite a bit to say about Jennifer Lopez, who she often refers to as “J. Lulu” on her TikTok page.

In several of her videos, Roth has had negative commentary about the actress and has also accused Lopez’s team of making great efforts to dispel the rumors posted on her page.

Jennifer Lopez Sparks Outrage After Fans Say She's to Blame for TikToker's Tragic Death (Photos: @jlo/Instagram ; @thekylemarisa_ / Instagram)
Jennifer Lopez (left) is being blamed by some social media users for the recent untimely death of TikToker Kyle Marisa Roth (right). (Photos: @jlo/Instagram, @thekylemarisa_ /Instagram)

“J. Lulu’s team has officially hired bots to dispel her being a menace to waiters, all of that,” said Roth in a video posted to her backup TIkTok page on April 7.

“J Lulu copyright claimed to me and got my account banned,” she said in an April 5 video detailing her page being taken down after posting a clip from Lopez’s recent documentary. “I’m not a J Lulu fan. I was just posting her stuff so we could all react — with malicious intent, obviously. However, this is insane.”

She then went on to add that Lopez’s team banned all accounts that posted the clip, including actual fans of the actress. Per Roth’s page, she’d only recently earned her monetization privileges back after being banned from the TikTok platform multiple times.

Roth’s sour relationship with Lopez doesn’t stop there. While the TikTok creator’s family didn’t disclose the cause of her untimely death, fans claim she died following a battle with colon cancer. It’s a sting to her followers who say the creator would still be alive if Lopez didn’t get her TikTok banned, as Roth relied on the income from her platform to pay for her treatment.

On March 31, Forbes published an article titled “TikTok’s Jennifer Lopez ‘The Bronx’ Controversy, Explained,” where Roth discussed having her original TikTok page permanently banned by J. Lo’s team and losing 700,000 followers and 50 million likes after posting clips from Lopez’s documentary “The Greatest Love Story Never Told.”

“J Lo’s narcissism single-handedly crushed the main portion of my small business,” Roth told the outlet. “I didn’t even have the opportunity to download or save four years’ worth of my content, which had been viewed over a billion times and accumulated over 50 million likes.”

Roth also claimed that her ability to receive necessary medical care was affected by losing income from the banned account.

The following day, Roth posted a video calling out Lopez and blaming her worsening health on the actress.

“She robbed me of everything, and if I die of colon cancer, it’s on her,” Roth said in a video sharing the Forbes article. “Yeah, I can’t get a colonoscopy anytime soon. Can’t afford it. And you guys already know I’m overdue.”

Following her passing, fans have rushed to support the late content creator, reposting her videos calling out J. Lo and swarming the actress’s comment section.

“Jlulu we are tired!!!!!!!! RIP kyle,” read a comment on J. Lo’s latest Instagram post.

“Kyle died. Happy now?” read another comment.

“YOU KILLED KYLE,” another grieving fan wrote.

Fellow TikTokers are also reposting Roth’s videos and sharing messages about Lopez, adding to the negative heat the actress has been receiving on the app as of late.

Kyle Marissa’s death only fuels the flames as fans hope it sheds light on J. Lo’s character to the point that it cancels her for good.

“Kyle Marisa has lost her life while J Lo still runs around this world with some semblance of a career,” TikToker Zactivist said in a video he posted.

“May the passing of Kyle Marissa not be in vain, cancel J Lo permanently,” a TikToker commented under Zactivist’s post.

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