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Evelyn Lozada Mysteriously Absent From Jennifer Williams' Lucid Party

Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams held a private party in New York City to celebrate the launch of her lip gloss line ‘Lucid Lip Gloss’. Al Reynolds, you may remember him from Jennifer’s divorce party and her bestie former Love & Hip Hop star Mashonda were on hand for the celebration but one face in particular was missing from the crowd: Evelyn Lozada. Perhaps she’s too busy on her new endorsement deal with Secret Kisses or her book deal with Cash Money. Or maybe the retracted Twitter beef was in fact real….

Either way, Jennifer was in good spirits in the company of her friends. At one point she’s seen helping laughing with Al Reynolds – helping him choose his shade….?

Jennifer has worked for some time on this venture and now Lucid cosmetics have five shades named after her favorite places like ‘Tropex Gloss’ for Saint Tropez. Jenn hopes to expand the brand with other makeup products. Have you tried Lucid cosmetics before?

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