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Evelyn Lozada Competes With Jennifer Williams' Lip Gloss Line

Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams’ many business ventures are colliding as they are both intimately involved in cosmetics. Jennifer, the more low-key of the two, was involved with her brand Lucid Cosmetics for some time but Evelyn Lozada has just snagged a deal as the spokesperson for Secret Kiss Lipstick and Lip Gloss line.

Evelyn gushed about her new endorsement,

“I’ve loved makeup all my life, and lipstick is the starting point of my day.” She continued, “Whether I want to be bold, flirty, saucy or natural, being a part of the Secret Kisses brand allows me the opportunity to be all of those things and I’m excited!”

Jennifer to gushed about her brand,

“Lucid Lip Gloss is brilliant, dazzling, luminous, lustrous, radiant and splendid. I have put so much of my energy and love into this project that it has allowed me to find my clarity, my Lucid moment. I never go anywhere without my Lucid Lip Gloss and I hope that you won’t either.”

Despite their respective successes, don’t expect Jenn and Evelyn to get together for a celebratory cocktail anytime soon. Soon after their public twitter beef, they are not longer following each other and are no longer on speaking terms.

Wonder if Evelyn signing on to compete with Jennifer had anything to do with it…or may Chad..who knows. We’re sure they’ll be ‘close friends’ when the new season of Basketball Wives kicks off!

Check out Jennifer Williams recent promotion for Lucid below:

A Day in the Life: Jennifer Williams from Elephilms on Vimeo.

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