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Gloria Govan Classifies Draya Michele As A Groupie

Basketball Wives LA star Gloria Govan has an interesting take on exactly what classifies a woman as a groupie and according to her standard, Draya Michele is a groupie. For the first few episodes the ladies on Basketball Wives, Laura Govan, Jackie Christie and even Malaysia Pargo placed Draya Michele in the groupie box. It appears the ladies are trying their hardest to separate themselves from the groupie label. But while what exactly makes someone a groupie has alluded many (not really), Gloria has reduced it to a science.

She tell S2S magazine,

“Someone who dates multiple players like in the same field is a groupie.”

“If you continue to date athletes, you’re going to be considered a groupie. At some point in time, you have to have respect for yourself and not dip into the same cookie jar. I know women who’ve dated different basketball players. I’m attracted to athletes, but I have enough respect for Matt not to date one of his colleagues.”

Who knew it was that simple?! Draya has openly admitted to dating more than one basketball player but quite frankly this is just a sad attempt by Gloria to once again separate herself from Draya…when really they’re in the same boat.

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