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Serena Runs To Panic Room From Drug Tester Mistaken For An Intruder

Serena Williams flew into a panic last week when she mistook a random drug tester for an intruder. Around 6am in the morning Serena and her assistant were scared by a stranger in the yard of her Los Angeles home. Serena locked herself into a panic room while her assistant called 911.

The fact that Serena has a panic room is amusing enough but TMZ reports that the intruder turned out to be a random drug tester for an unknown tennis association!! It didn’t take long for whispers to begin that perhaps Serena panicked to avoid submitting urine to the drug tester.

There is some humor in this story but it’s understandable why two young women would fly into a panic if a strange man is lurking around your home at 6 in the morning!! Lucky for him Serena isn’t a NRA toting homeowner…this would have been a different story.

No word on whether Serena completed a drug test…

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