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Draya Michele Confronts Her Past On Wendy Williams

Basketball wives LA star Draya Michele was forced to defend her past once again, but this time with talk show host Wendy Williams. Wendy did not mince her words when she asked Draya about dating a dozen basketball players, sleeping with three in one night and whether she’s concerned if any “reasonable” man would consider marrying her.

As usual, Draya appeared to be a good sport. “Anything you do in your past can be cleaned up.”

On the topic her dating Chris Brown, Draya added,

“Chris and I were together for about nine months.” It was sometime after Rihanna and Chris Brown ended their relationship. Draya added, “We really didn’t discuss her.”

On her child endangerment charge:

“I discussed it in 2010. I discussed it on the show, and it’s just like, I just want to move on with my life and show the people that I’m not this person that they created me out to be.”

Watch the clip below. Was Wendy being Wendy or plain rude to Draya?

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