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Kerry Washington Confirmed To Play Lead Slave in 'Django Unchained'

Kerry Washington Lead in Django unchainedAs we predicted, Kerry Washington will play opposite Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained as his lost slave wife Broomhilda.  The movie is about an ex-slave that acquires new skills from  a white bounty hunter and uses these newfound abilities to hunt down the people responsible for taking his wife. Quentin Tarantino had his eye on Washington for a while for the role, but was looking to put a no-named actor on the slate. After no promising candidates came along for the high profile role, Tarantino went with his first choice, and after long talks was finally able to close the deal with Washington.  Also starring is Leonardo DiCaprio who will play the  villainous plantation owner Calvin Candie and Samuel L. Jackson that will play the kiss @$$ house slave Stephen. Django Unchained is set to begin shooting at the top of next year in Louisiana.

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    Why in the heck are we still making slave movies in 2011, ok now all those movies have been made and it’s over already, dang us black folks never going to forget or live this slave stuff down, dang let it go, and we will teach our kids at home, no more movies so you whites can jack off in the comfort of your own homes to this stuff…

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