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Beyonce Parties From Dusk Till Dawn In 'Party' Video

Beyonce’s baby bump appeared to make some brief appearances in the premiere of her video ‘Party.’ Much of the video was shot months ago but the Roc Nation’s crown prince J. Cole dropped a new verse on the remix and managed to squeeze in an appearance. (Notice in his shots Beyonce is sitting down. 😉

Bey shows off her dance moves recruiting sister Solange and Kelly Rowland to join in the fun. The backyard party runs from morning until night. While a backyard party theme is nothing new for a music video, Florida based rapper Khia found the similarity too close to ignore.

Khia was something of a one hit wonder with “My Neck, My Back”. In a much less glamorous video, Khia had a backyard party and now she’s accusing Beyonce of stealing her idea!!

She tweets:
“@beyonce thanks you for the love the tweets & roses!” “[Too] bad I don’t bulldag with prego women. Call super head jay knows all about her.” “I’m @beyonce baby’s god mother, if it’s girl she naming her Khia! [But thank you] for taking my advice & and tips on how to make a real hood video! Xox.”

While Beyonce hasn’t gotten a number single from her ‘4’ album Khia is predicting ‘Party’ won’t do any better:

“@Beyonce has been smoking rocks if she thinks her J. Cole remix flop ‘Party’ will be as big as ‘My Neck My Back”

Another sad cry for attention. If you can stomach to make it through the entire video watch Khia’s ‘My Neck, My Back’ and then finish off with Beyonce’s ‘Party’ remix featuring J. Cole. You’ll thank me later 🙂

Beyonce and J. Cole ‘Party’

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