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Chrissy Lampkin Dominates The Drama In 'Love & Hip Hop' Super Trailer

Chrissy Lampkin and the other girls of VH1’s popular reality TV show Love & Hip Hop are back with a bang! The original cast includes Chrissy Lampkin – Jim Jones’ longtime girlfriend, Emily Bustamante – rapper Fabolous’ ex-girlfriend, mother of his son and fashion designer, Olivia Longott – former G-Unit signee who’s struggling to make a name in the industry, Somaya Reece – former video model upgraded to an artist and aspiring actress and Mashonda Tifrere – Swizz Beatz ex-wife and aspiring artist. Mashonda will reportedly not make a return for season 2 but there are plenty of newcomers to fill her void.

Newcomers: Kim Vanderhee AKA Kimbella – former video girl and girlfriend and mother of two children with rapper Juelz Santana. Yandy Smith – music executive, entrepreneur and manager to rapper Jim Jones.

OK – now that we’ve gotten acquainted let’s move on. Chrissy proposed to Jim Jones last season –   he accepted – but no wedding date has been planned. That hasn’t held Chrissy from repping for Jim Jones no matter. This includes an on-going feud with Jones’ mother and now his manager and newcomer Yandy – Chrissy wants her fired.

But the biggest drama comes between Kimbella and Chrissy. It’s unclear what prompted the disagreement but the trailer shows Chrissy punching and kicking Kimbella!

Watch the trailer below: This is already too much! Occupy VH1!

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0 thoughts on “Chrissy Lampkin Dominates The Drama In 'Love & Hip Hop' Super Trailer

  1. Angie says:

    Chrissy i wish we all could be like you. I know jim is going to marry you. Moma just need some time and she will accept you. I know jim is going to step up to his mother sooner than later. Yandi needs to calm down just a little about the money/checks. I LOVE THE SHOW CHRISSY. OH BY THE WAY 9( WHY YOU HAVE THAT JUMP OFF ON THE SHOW KIMBELLA GOT TO GO!!!!!!!! SHE MAKES ME WANT TO TURN THE TV ACTING LIKE SHE DONT KNOW WHAT SHE IS DOING.

  2. connie hickman says:

    i dont know if iam the only one seeing things from a different view, i love the show and i like all the girls each in their own way but i just give props to chrissy for standing up for what she believes in just as the other girls but i also thinks she needs to calm down a little and stop being so aggressive. then maybe the life she wants with jim and his mother will all fall in place. You clearly are a go getter and theres nothing wrong with that. I think chrissy has a clear view and better understanding than most of the other girls. Kimbella just look lost but i give it to her for trying to gain respect. yandy is all about her money and i dont really see what she had done wrong with jim. I think chrissy needs to let Jim handles his own business when it comes to yandy and any other manager in the future and not party with any more of jims managers. we all know business and pleasure dont ever mix. Let yandy continue to help jim make that money if she crosses the line then i know jim will handle it as it comes . At the end of the day the show is great and yall keep me entertained and i love all you guys. congrats to jim and chrissy yal are gonna do big things in 2012!!!!!!

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