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Jennifer Lopez Zips Her Lips When It Comes To Dating Bradley Cooper

Update-Jennifer Lopez won’t be releasing details about her steamy love life which may or may not include hunky actor   Bradley Cooper. JLo vows silence on future romances in an effort to protect her three-year-old twins Emme and Max. While attending her fashion line launch for Kohl’s with Mohegan Sun in Connecticut today, Jennifer elaborated,

“As a mom, and having children, right now they’re my first priority.”

She continued

“And because of them, I wouldn’t ever comment on anything until I’m in a serious relationship again.   It would just be confusing for them and it would be unfair. And so at the end of the day, it’s about them.”

Jennifer’s vein attempts earlier in the week to hide her face while spotted enjoying some one-on-one time with Cooper has set the internet a buzz with rumors that the two are dating.

Although it’s believed the pair had started dating last month when they were spotted enjoying dinner at Per Se restaurant in New York; Lopez continues to insist that their encounters were only business meetings.

Jennifer continued to look stunning as always while showing off her clothing line available exclusively at Kohl’s department stores.   She mentioned that looking fabulous doesn’t come easy, and to stay fresh, a girl has got to get her rest.

“I make time to sleep. I think it’s very, very important.”

She continued by mentioning that through it all, her twins always come first.

“You know, because I have the twins and because I work a lot, it’s very, very important thing to take care of myself. You know so I can be good for them first, and also be good for all the things that I’m doing.”

It’s good to know Jennifer isn’t rushing into another romance….

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