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Kelly Osbourne Fuels Fat Feud With Christina Aguilera Once Again

After the Michael Jackson tribute concert Kelly Osbourne was likely rubbing her hands together with glee! The E! Fashion Police star Kelly Osbourne refuses to let sleeping dogs lie as she further fuels her feud with Christina Aguilera by yet again calling the pop songstress “fat”.

Apparently Kelly has disliked Christina for years because of previous comments Aguilera made about Kelly being fat.   Subsequently, when Christina appeared at the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert looking somewhat bloated in a very unflattering, black leotard; Osbourne took it as a cue to lash back by dropping a few “fat” adjectives herself.

On the latest Fashion Police, when co-host George Kotsiopoulous attempted to defend Christina’s unappealing attire by stating that she was still probably no larger than a size two or four, Kelly then blasting back by stating;

“Trust me I’m a 2/4. That is not a 2/4.”

“She called me fat for years. I was never THAT fat. Maybe she’s just becoming the fat b***h she was always born to be. I don’t know, she was a c**t to me. She called me fat for so many f***ing years, so you know what? f**k you! You’re fat too.”

Fashion police co-host Joan Rivers also joined in the teasing   by stating;

“Lady Marmalade got into the peanut butter again.”

Christina and Kelly have both openly admitted that they have struggled with issues pertaining to their weight for years. Kelly stated that as a teenager she often cried while fighting back relentless taunting and Christina admitted that keeping a toned figure is always especially difficult when your life is lived under the glare of public scrutiny. Hence it’s quite baffling why the two would choose to publicly bash each other in such a way concerning a topic they’re both clearly sensitive about. Hopefully the two will make amends soon…or Christina will go on a crash diet and come out swinging.

Either way, we will surely keep you posted as the fatty details spill in.

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