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Beyonce Gives Credit To New Edition & Jackson 5 For 'Love On Top' Video

Update-Before Beyonce gets accused for plagiarism another artist and/or choreographer the mommy-to-be pop star has taken some precautionary steps to list her influences for her new video Love on Top. In video it’s obvious Beonce channeled 80’s boy band group New Edition’s song If it Isn’t Love and of course they were influenced by the Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5!

Well Beyonce did her due diligence and recognized them all in a blog post after premiering the video in Australia:

“I am excited to give my Australian fans the World Premiere of “Love On Top!” Thank you for the amazing response to the song at radio. I have worked very hard on this video, this song is special to me and I had an idea for the video based on some of my favorite male groups. I remember seeing videos from New Edition, The Jackson 5 and the Temptations, bands I love for their beautiful harmonies, and precise choreography and I always wanted to make a video and be part of a boy group myself. It was so much fun. I put my heart and soul into “Love On Top” and I hope you love it.”

Donning black high tops, a black leotard revealed her toned figure and a pilot hat in the opening scene; Beyonce appears to be having a ball! This song may hold special significance for Beyonce and Jay-Z; it was the song she performed on the evening she revealed her pregnancy to the world. Do do you love Love on Top?

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