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Monica Talks Her Marriage To Shannon Brown And The Role Of A Wife

Singer Monica Brown loves being married! The R&B star stopped by Essence with her husband, basketball player Shannon Brown and opened up about married life and keeping the gossip out of her marriage.

On being a traditional wife:
I cook for him. He can cook, but I don’t think he should have to. I’m a traditional wife in every sense. I like the fact that he cleans his plate. That’s a southern thing. I’m from Georgia. When we grew up, our uncles finished off your plate and theirs, you know. I love the fact that he likes to talk to me while I cook. It’s not like I have these lonely hours where I’m in the kitchen. We talk while I’m cooking and he’ll ask for things a particular way. He’s a big fan of garlic and different seasonings so I had to learn to use the ones that he likes. I like it because it’s just another chance for us to communicate and to talk about what’s happened in our day. We talk about what practice was like or what my day was like.

Her perspective on gossip blogs:
Well, you know the way that I am now I have nothing to say, no response. The truth needs no support. I love my husband and he loves me and I think if you sit back and you watch and you pay attention you’ll see it yourself. I think that in the blogosphere the idea is to have the most controversial stuff up. They’re not saying anything about us that they’re not saying about other couples. There aren’t just stories about us up there. There are stories about lots of couples. I thank God for the fact that they’re not true and I have peace of mind.

Monica and Shannon appear to be extremely happy! More power to them! Check out the full interview at

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