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Fantasia Barrino Confirms She's Expecting A Baby Boy Due In December

Former American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino confirmed to the Wendy Williams audience the sex and due date of her second child. Of course Barrino also addressed rumors with talk show host Wendy Williams about her pregnancy is not only hindering production of the highly anticipated biopic for the late Mahalia Jackson, but is also angering the Jackson family because it may be the product of a relationship with a married man.

Fantasia who’s on bed rest due to her pregnancy was not scheduled to appear on the Wendy Williams Show this past Tuesday, but called in from her home after reportedly watching Wendy and viewing the rumors trickle in.

“When I was watching and it came across, I was ready to walk to New York. I almost went into labor, because it was the first time that I’ve heard anything about that. I haven’t spoken to the family, haven’t heard anything from the family.”

Barrino, who confirmed that she’s having a boy sometime around December 29th, appeared astonished by the rumors and claimed that while she was still in talks with production, she was told shooting would resume sometime in January and she was only later informed that the film’s investors decided to pull out of the project.

“There were no contracts signed and there was no set date and time.   When this came out, I jumped out of my bed. I’m hoping this didn’t come from a producer, because again there’s no black and white. There’s nothing in black and white. We waited on them and they said the money didn’t come through.”

She continued;

“So, I was a little pissed off because I wanted to make the family proud and most of all I wanted to make Mahalia Jackson proud and my fans and everyone else who’s been following me.”

Although Williams tried to press the looming Antwaun Cook issue, Fantasia only further skirted the topic by stating;

“You’re funny! I’m not focusing on that today. I’m talking about the whole movie cause I’m tired of people putting lies out about me. My name is all I have and my word is my bond. I feel like if people do things like that, if other producers want to do movies – even with The Color Purple people. Everybody said, ‘Well you missed shows you didn’t do this, you didn’t do that …”

However, in her typical fashion, Wendy did a final push by asking flat out;

“Are you still with Antwaun!?”

Fantasia took a brief pause followed by continued suspense by stating;

“Mmm..I’m not gonna talk about that. I’ll come and talk to you about that on the show”

Watch the clip below. As Wendy proposed, will Fantasia be blamed if the Mahalia Jackson film is not made?

Update: The production company confirms that Mahalia! will still be made and the family said nothing negative about Fantasia. Congrats to Fantasia – hopefully she will get off bed rest soon!

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