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Kim Kardashian Wedding Airs Tonight; Khloe & Kourtney Still Hate Kris

Kim Kardashian’s wedding with Kris Humphries airs tonight on E! The wedding took place less than 3 months ago yet the question of ‘Are Kim and Kris still together’ remains a popular search phrase! Does this spell trouble for the newlyweds? If we’re only left with episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians and Kim Kardashian’s Fairytale Wedding as our primary source then YES. Everyone appears to hate Kris.

Khloe Kardashian appears to lead the charge as she questions Kris’ intentions in part one of the wedding special. Is he an opportunist? Kris brought up Khloe and Lamar – who also got married minutes of meeting each other.

Khloe is known for having a sharp tongue and she may have met her match in Kris Humphries – that guy fires them back without a filter! In the end Kris said perhaps he should question Kim’s motives for marrying him since she’s been down this road before. Ouch.

Well we know how the story ended and we can see it again tonight on the E! special – but does Khloe and Kourtney spell doom for Kim Kardashian and Kris’ marriage?

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  1. SPR says:

    Khloe hates kris Humphries..because he stands up to her – she is a foul mouthed bully and thinks she is so damn good – she is totally fake. When Kim confronted her in Khloe’s house you could see she was trying to backpeddal – She is jealous of Kim and has always been – Both Kourtney and Khloe are time servers – I cannot believe they did not visit their Mother Kris when she was in hospital – the Appreciation party was an after thought – Kim is the only one who was their for their Mother – She has a beautiful heart – Kourtney is hard faced and cold – and Khloe is just brainless. As for Kris Humphries.. he is a very good hearted, man and Kim is lucky to have found him because he will always have her back. I loved how he reminded her that “4 years ago you were selling dresses in a little shop” GREAT! Keep her grounded Kris. Appreciate and respect your husband Kim, he is a good man.

  2. Im glad kris and kim got married because they are a very good couple and there are some some evil people that want kim and kris to get a divorce

  3. Isiah Goldies says:

    Please anyone can see what’s coming next. I’d lay odds that in a month or two headlines will be asking if Kim K is a mommy to be. Then she’ll confess she forgot to take her pill and got pregnant during that brief marriage. New show…”Ki ­m plus 1″. Baby gets the Kardashian last name and the horror show continues for another generation ­. And if your still wondering what really happened ill tell you how it played out. Kim and her hubby took a cable station for enough money to live in the lap of luxury for years to come, scammed their “wedding guests” out of gifts, then filed for divorce hoping and knowing that they’ll be offered a divorce reality show. These reality shows are getting ridiculous and when I hear that kids consider the Kardashians role models I want to throw my television out the window.

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