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Kat Von D To Drop Album Amidst Jesse James Cheating Rumors

It’s not just about tattoos for Kat Von D as news drops that she plans on releasing her first album on the heels of a nasty break-up with Jesse James.

No, don’t adjust your eyes. You read correctly because according to E! Online, the former LA Ink star is trading in her inking needles for a microphone.

While speaking at the Rage video game launch in Los Angeles this past weekend, Kat informed E! News that she felt the transition should be fairly smooth since she’s such a creative person.

“I think it’s much like tattooing or the TV show or make-up, my clothing line, fashion. All those things, they’re just different outlets to be able to be creative. So music, I think it’s going to be one of those things.”

After noting Depeche Mode and The Cure as inspirations, Kat added;

“I’ve been passionate about music all my life. I’ve been playing classical piano since I was six. So I understand the form, but it will be fun to be able to translate a message.”

It will also be fun to hear how Kat will translate her “more on the dark, more tragically romantic” message given news that her second split from Jesse James may have resulted from his cheating ways.

Von D revealed the tiny detail in the following tweet;

“No, my next book will not be about my cheating ex. There are way too many positive and inspiring things to write about instead.”

When a follower continued the thread by asking;

“Are you with Jesse or what? Curious!”

Kat adamantly replied;

“Hell no.”

Awe, those crazy kids. When will they ever learn? One day they’re together…the next they’re engaged…then there’s tattooing…later they’re enraged…

Hey! That sounds like an awesome hook for one of Kat’s new song.

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