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Stacey Dash Finally Granted Divorce From Abusive Husband

Stacey Dash is finally a single woman! The former Single Ladies actress was granted a divorce from her abusive husband, Emmanuel Xuereb, last week. The now officially single, Stacey Dash, was married for just over two years when she reported Xuereb for assault. Last year January, Stacey reported Emmanuel beat her in the face, head and body over the entire period of their marriage. she also stated that on a drunken night, her ex now ex-husband forcefully pinned her to the bed and told her it would be the “worst night of her life”.

Stacey subsequently obtained a restraining order that remains active. Dash admitted she was to frightened to initially report her now ex-husband to the police.

According to TMZ, a Los Angeles Superior Court judged signed off on the divorce last week. Stacey has two children from a previous relationship and none with Emmanuel.

Now what’s the plan to get Stacey Dash back to Single Ladies…

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