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Amber Rose Talks The Impact Of Kanye West On Her Popularity

Did Kanye West make Amber Rose famous? According to Amber, no. Rose brings up West’s ex-fiance Alexis Phifer as an example. The pair dated for six years were engaged and yet no one remembers her.   Or so says Amber. And then here comes Amber Rose on the arms of Kanye and everyone wants to know “who’s that girl”.

Now that Amber is dating rapper Wiz Khalifa she is speaking out against people saying Kanye made her, her haters in general and Funkmaster Flex – who she apparently abhors!

On her and Kanye:
When I was on Foxxhole Radio, I said ‘Kanye was engaged to a girl. He was with a girl for 6 years! She went to Fashion Week with him, she got photographed with him everywhere, pretty much the same type of relationship me and Kanye had but she didn’t become famous. No one cared about her. It wasn’t a dissed towards her, it’s just that, when people say ‘Kanye made me famous’ I don’t feel that way. I feel like my association with him, getting photographed all over the place, like people had an interest in me. That’s not my fault. That’s not my fault that I became really popular. I haven’t said a word in 2 years. I didn’t even try. I didn’t do any interviews til this day I haven’t said anything bad about Kanye. Girls that come from where I come from in Philly, they would have dogged him out for money. They would have wrote a book about him. They would have said so much foul stuff..

Watch the full session below: Does Ambe Rose have a point?

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