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John Legend Closes Deal With NBC For New Comedy About A Hip Hop Artist

John Legend is hot right now and a number of networks want what he’s got. After long, drawn out negotiations, NBC has closed the deal for “Mixed Blessings”. The Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter will executive produce the comedy alongside Mike Jackson through their ‘Get Lifted Film Company’

‘Mixed Blessing’ is based on Jackson’s childhood.  It follows a hip hop artist that grew up in the streets and now lives with a white family in suburban Philadelphia. He soon finds out he has a teenage son that comes to live with him and his white family. The show displays the struggle of starting a father/son relationship, juggling fame, wealth and a career in the music business.

This will be the first time Legend and Jackson’s Get Lifted Films Company will produce for TV.

Let’s hope that this show is a hit like ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air.’ NBC has history of giving up on shows very quickly, a lot of the time not even completing the first season. This will be the first comedy since ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel- Air’ that the network picked up that centers around an African American.

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