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Scarlett Johansson Linked To Kieran Culkin, Justin Timberlake & B. Cooper!

Scarlett Johansson sure is one busy woman – depending on who you ask. The sultry actress has been linked to three Hollywood actors in the span of one week!

Scarlett has been in the headlines as the latest celebrity victim in a phone hacking scandal where nude photos were leaked throughout the web.

Johansson seemed fairly unfazed while recently seen at club Provocateur with actor Bradley Cooper. According to Contact music, Cooper and Johansson were behaving “more than flirty” as they strolled hand in hand by the end of the evening. An eyewitness released the following statement;

“Scarlett and Bradley arrived with a small group of friends, including model Cheyenne Tozzi around 2a.m.   While Bradley was flirty with Cheyenne initially, after some drinks he turned his attention to Scarlett.   The duo were hand in hand and more than flirty by the end of the night.”

Really? Scarjo and Bradley – wasn’t he spotted with Jennifer on business date last week? If that’s not steamy enough for you, Johansson and singer Justin Timberlake (who just reunited with his long time girlfriend actress Jessica Biel) allegedly spent the night together last Wednesday!

According to US Weekly, the two were spotted “hardcore flirting” during a fun filled evening at 1Oak in NYC.   A witness confirmed the sighting by stating;

“Other guys were trying to talk with Scarlett, but she was only focused on Justin.”

(Scarlett Johansson and Kieran Culkin in Paris)

After partying until the wee hours of the morning, these two Hollywood jet setters apparently took the party back to Scarlett’s place where Timberlake allegedly spent the night

The eyewitness continued that Timberlake “wasn’t even low-key” about his visit as he was seen announcing himself to the doorman.

Still not spicy enough for you? Well try this on for size.

Johansson was also seen on a romantic stroll through Paris with actor Kieran Culkin on Tuesday Sept. 13. Not one to let the night pass you by, Johansson and Culkin found themselves the erotic burlesque venue, Crazy Horse! According to the Daily, the following day the duo were spotted at the airport, hopping a flight back to the U.S.

Of course Scarlett Johansson’s camp is denying most of these rumors are true, and judging by the dates it can be a bit of a stretch picturing her in Paris one night and New York the next.   The life of a Hollywood hottie with leaked nude photos on the web – everyone wants a piece.

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