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Evelyn Lozada & Jennifer Williams Reveal Fake Friendship On Twitter

Jennifer Williams of Basketball Wives went on a twitter tirade that somehow got Evelyn Lozada fired up! Jennifer, the more quiet and reserved of the duo unleashed a series of tweet that only revealed something was brewing between she and another friend. Possibly a BFF – who knows?? But because many people know Jennifer primarily as a pair to Evelyn, many easily assumed the BFF beef was between the two ladies.

Here are the tweets according to Sister to Sister,

“@BoChristiann yo I’m calling u tomorrow! I can’t with homegirl! Wait until I tell u…,”

“Everyhing happens for a reason! I see who is really down… Reason, season, lifetime! What box do u fall in? Time to cut off ppl!”

“As my girl @angelayee coined ‘hoes be winning’ WOW.”

Evelyn barks back at Jens tweet – this again shows the insanity, pettiness, and fake friendship of these women. Read her tweets below:

“My circle of friends gets smaller & smaller & I love it! I don’t have time for fake friendship…keep it movin!”

“GNight tweets! I’m the last one to mess with when I know all your business…#SubTweet,”

“I’m a ROTTWEILER & a your a mutha F-in ChiHuaHua! I will chew u up and spit u out! “Keep It Movin” #TryMeIfYouWantTo”

“Shots are about to be FIRED! Lets go!! Trust me u won’t win boo!!”

Evelyn even manages to be loud via Twitter! So Jennifer quickly follows and attempts to clear up the instigated melee when she tweeted,

“For the record I am not subtweeting anyone!! It’s a joke with @TanashaRealtor! Stop being messy! [email protected]#n…”

Adding, “@necolebitchie @EvelynLozada I’m not talking about Evelyn! Not sure where ppl got that from! Having a convo with a friend at dinner! [email protected]#n!”

So here’s my take: IF Jennifer was in fact referring to Evelyn, why would Ev respond back in such a harsh retaliative manner as oppose to say asking questions directly to Jennifer – not the instigators – to find out what’s really going on??? Her tirade with the dog analogy, shots being fired, fake friendships and ready to unleash Jenn’s business is an obvious sign that this friendship is not what it’s all cracked up to be!

And a “joke” Jennifer? “Everything happens for a reason” is part of a joke?? Wasn’t Evelyn quitting Twitter??? Sigh…

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0 thoughts on “Evelyn Lozada & Jennifer Williams Reveal Fake Friendship On Twitter

  1. Tasha "#1 Hater" mack says:

    But Why You Still Wearing Colored Contacts!?

  2. Big Ben says:

    These girls are chicken heads.

  3. Alicia says:

    I believe jen and evelyn are really best friends people are coming befween theyre friendship if they let them. Eve jen is a good bff to have so dont make a mistake and give up on this friendship. Evelyn and jen your frie.dship is a inspiration life to short forgive make things right. Eve you should let jen be in your wedding. Wishing eve and jen the best on your friendship

  4. eff jennifer and evelyn says:

    dumb fake ass hood booger evelyn jennifer and shaunie who think their shit don’t stink evelyn is from new york and talks all that hot shit to royce and suzie but won’t even come 2 nyc smfh she ain’t no damn basketball wife only real girls on basketball wives and basketball wives la are tami jackie gloria and sometimes royce they ain’t no damn basketball wives they should really be called be- whatever-”famous athlete”-has money-and-fame-at-that-moment- wives. . . smfh evelyn is salty because gloria has what evelyn seeks to be with only one athlete gold digging bitch

  5. sexyjuju says:

    to everlyn I’m fr kingston jamaica by way of maxfield ave kin 13 nd I grow up in brooklyn new york , you nd your husband to be are nutthing but media hoes nd if chad thinks he is getting a housewife he make a sad mistake..mi can give you mi address nd you can come talk to mi crazy like you talking to jen let me show you how we do it in JA BITCH !!!!! yes I said it ……jump if you felling froggy…..

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