Laura Govan Insults Draya Michele Of Basketball Wives LA


Laura Govan of Basketball Wives LA did an interview recently and somehow attempted to not say anything negative about her co-star Draya Michele only to insult her with every word. After denying she’s a groupie or a gold digger – because she was with Gilbert Arenas when he had nothing – the host brought up Draya who suffered much of the same scrutiny.

Read Laura’s response below:

I think Draya is a good person but Draya is a hustler. At the end of the day, I would classify her to be a groupie or a gold digger. She is what she is and she stays in her lane and I can’t knock her hustle and I don’t. That’s just like at the end of the day, we really don’t co-exist like I’m on the floor, you’re in the nose bleeds and I keep it moving. She’ll never have a house and I hope you do have a house one day but today ain’t gonna be the day or even messing with my man or anybody else’s man. Draya walks a fine line but she owns her lane and you have to respect that but at the end of the day, groupies and gold diggers don’t co-exist. I don’t speak like she speaks, I don’t do what she does and she fits in that category so she stays there.

I do feel like somebody is gonna save her. I mean after awhile, she’s always in the mix …I mean she’s dated a lot of athletes. She really has no ties or connections to this show. It is what it is but like I said, I’m not hating on her. I’ve always been the type I never blame the woman, I use too and then I realized wait a minute, if you didn’t pull your pants down this broad wouldn’t even have nothing to say.

“Groupies and gold diggers don’t co-exist.” Did Laura inadvertently classify herself as groupie or a gold digger? And does this mean Laura is the gold digger and Draya is the groupie???

What do you think of Laura’s interview?


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