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Laura Govan Insults Draya Michele Of Basketball Wives LA

Laura Govan of Basketball Wives LA did an interview recently and somehow attempted to not say anything negative about her co-star Draya Michele only to insult her with every word. After denying she’s a groupie or a gold digger – because she was with Gilbert Arenas when he had nothing – the host brought up Draya who suffered much of the same scrutiny.

Read Laura’s response below:

I think Draya is a good person but Draya is a hustler. At the end of the day, I would classify her to be a groupie or a gold digger. She is what she is and she stays in her lane and I can’t knock her hustle and I don’t. That’s just like at the end of the day, we really don’t co-exist like I’m on the floor, you’re in the nose bleeds and I keep it moving. She’ll never have a house and I hope you do have a house one day but today ain’t gonna be the day or even messing with my man or anybody else’s man. Draya walks a fine line but she owns her lane and you have to respect that but at the end of the day, groupies and gold diggers don’t co-exist. I don’t speak like she speaks, I don’t do what she does and she fits in that category so she stays there.

I do feel like somebody is gonna save her. I mean after awhile, she’s always in the mix …I mean she’s dated a lot of athletes. She really has no ties or connections to this show. It is what it is but like I said, I’m not hating on her. I’ve always been the type I never blame the woman, I use too and then I realized wait a minute, if you didn’t pull your pants down this broad wouldn’t even have nothing to say.

“Groupies and gold diggers don’t co-exist.” Did Laura inadvertently classify herself as groupie or a gold digger? And does this mean Laura is the gold digger and Draya is the groupie???

What do you think of Laura’s interview?


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0 thoughts on “Laura Govan Insults Draya Michele Of Basketball Wives LA

  1. Trail says:

    Fucking a NBA player does not make u any better than the next person. Basically Laura’s a “Kept” woman.

  2. btmb says:

    Laura boo boo you do know that everyone classify you as a gold digger, jump off, groupie and so much more that can’t be said on e-mail. Just because you was with Gilbert before he had money don’t make you any better, you’re still a cheater / home wrecker, you do remember you are the reason your man left, you slept with SHAQ..So stop throwing darts at others and look yourself in the mirror first. boo boo

  3. justsayin says:

    Hopefully she will read this and not do another interview again! I don’t know if she was dissin herself or Draya… BTW… They make me like Draya more and more every episode! They hate for no reason … maybe if they would get to know her and got some advice from the “groupie/jump off” and stop actin all goody two shoe they wouldn’t be so worried about loosing their men to women like her… DUH!

  4. Tony Sloany says:

    This chic just sounds so stupid here it’s ridiculous. I hope this is a misquote or something because if not then God help her.
    Laura Govan a rocket scientist you are not.

  5. mamaduke says:

    JEALOUS! Wow, you sound so scared. Draya is hot and you is not. this broad is afraid her man, NOT HUSBAND, might get a look at Draya and LEAVE…

  6. reese says:

    stop hating on draya…we all have skeletons in our closet….u all r bitches that aint shit ans never will be shit….pls cancel this show…i would rather watch jennifer and evelyn.

  7. dehope says:

    Is she serious that was stupid she needs a super-silly check for real, come on now those ballers have played ball with her brains to long its running out of her ears poor woman I’m going to pray for her and draya next time you get in a boxing match with her you better go street girl they trying to kill you honey, jealousy is not a joke jealous people will hurt you stop trying to be friends with them old mad about they own life heifas!!!!!

  8. dorine johnson says:

    i dont know why she is talking about Draya she was sleeping with basketball players so what makes her better. laura is a hater

  9. Kaycee says:


  10. delredd says:

    gloria ur a complete hater when it comes 2 draya & such an ass kisser with matt. why should he marry u when he’s fucking the shit out of u 4 free. gloria i can’t stand ur ass and ur big ulgyass sister laura, mal ur ok. but the rest of these uglyass bitter whores r jealous of the cute petit draya. they all say stupid shit about her behind her back never 2 her face. jackie & laura will kick some more shit on draya they needs 2 stop typing up draya’s name on their computer stop speaking her name leave draya the hell alone bitches. jackie on the down low likeing draya but she likes mal not jackie ur 2 fucking old & ugly 4 draya, get a life u over grown bitches. i like draya on the show fuck the rest of u.

  11. cdm says:

    I got you on this Draya.

  12. OlderWoman says:

    Thank You Kaycee,

    I’m an older woman and would never treat a young woman the way these old bitter bitches…Draya better recognize that jealousy is rotten to the bone. She’s a young pretty girl with her whole life ahead of her and these women only have their hoebag husbands to obsess on…Hold your head up Draya!!

  13. Lexi says:

    OMG I am so sick and tired of this chick talking bad about my big sister. Laura is truly a hater and needs to get over herself. And for the record my little nephew did not get taken away from his mom!!!!!! So by Laura calling Andraya a Dead beat Mom is ridiculous!!!!!!! Lastly my sister is NOT A GROUPIE!! Just because you slept with a Married man (Shaq) and Yo baby Daddy left yo ass does not mean to take your SO-Called anger out on Anybody

  14. Brittany says:

    She’s ridiculous! Stop finding the time to criticize others concentrate on raising her 4 children and keep trying to get this NBA guy to marry her.

  15. Jonie says:

    Laura has a whole lot of MUTHERFUCKING nerve to call Draya a slut and a gold digger and DIS SLOPPY BITCH fucked Shaunie O Neal’s husband…WHO’S DA SLUT ?!

  16. delredd says:

    lorilla u big ugly man face bitch draya is no match 4 u but she gave u more punches than ur own sister gloria. gloria remember lil royce beat ur fucking ass u should feel ashame not draya.jackie u big stupid bitch u nothing but a fart n the wind nothing u and imani. gloria matt misuse like anythine he wants other than beats on ur ass u ain’t shit none of u bitches. except 4 malaysia she seems 2 care 4 draya malaysia don’t let them turn u against draya. use ur own mind fuck them.i only watch the show bcuz of draya/malaysia. i wonder seriously do draya have any sisters? do her mom cares about her? if she was my daughter no fucking way these hateful bitches would talk 2 her like that. keep ur head up draya no need 2 b ashamed, fuck the rest of them except 4 malasia.

  17. delredd says:

    so draya has a lil sister after all, that’s good. i’m a fan of draya she’s the reason i look at this show, i dare myself 2 look at a bunch of ugly, fat, inmuture, jealous, stupid ass black bitch like them. only the cute 1 like draya & lightskin with a slim nice shaped body. to lexi i’m curious is draya bi/gay? if so i’m still a big fan of hers. which parent black-which is itaian?

  18. Jess says:

    In my opinion Laura,
    you and all those other girls are punked by the big man Jackie! Haha…
    Secondly…. If I looked as manly as you I would be working real real hard not to get replaced!

  19. soapvixen says:

    I was wondering if Draya had any family, every time I see her with those bitches, she’s always alone. Why don’t you and her other family members back her up on the show?

  20. soapvixen says:

    Laura is not makeing any sence in this interview. She’s so threatened by her and it shows with her back handed complements. If theirs anybody that’s not a factor it’s her.

  21. delredd says:

    the hell with this fat, ugly man face , jealous ass bitch. go back 2 hell where u came from laura aka lorilla. LTFOL.

  22. Acee says:

    It’s obvious that these women are miserable especially Lauren. She just ridding on her sister’s coat tail to gain some celebrity “wannabe” status. For her to sit there and judge another woman of being a bad mother, and groupie, and jump-off is down right degrading. Lauren, please continue your counseling so that your heart is not so bitter to the point that you spread hate into to your children’s minds. Draya, keep your head up, and continue to do you.

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