Shaunie O'Neal Talks Basketball Wives With Wendy Williams

Basketball Wives creator and executive producer Shaunie O’Neal has lost control over Basketall Wives LA and has no interest in regaining any. Shaunie stopped by The Wendy Williams Show where she discussed what to expect for season 4 of Basketball Wives Miami and meeting the cast of BBW LA. Meeka was once again confirmed as fired and on the topic of Evevlyn’s return Shaunie stated Ev hasn’t said she’s quitting directly to her face – whatever that means.

Shaunie added that the ladies will film in several locations spending the first three weeks in New York. Not surprisingly some filming time will take place in Los Angeles. Tami has moved to LA, Shaunie lives in LA and Evelyn’s daughter is attending college in LA – what is surprising is Shaunie’s sharp response by explicitly stating they will not pay a visit to any of the Basketball Wives LA cast! We know Shaunie has called the cast trashy but what’s the beef? Gloria took over her role and was given the freedom to chose the cast for Los Angeles – some of which is still highly questionable. But if there is beef shouldn’t Shaunie take it up with VH1?? Check out the clips below:

Another clip:

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