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Real Housewives Of New York Cast Devastated By Bravo's Decision

Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of New York City   cast members Alex McCord, Jill Zarin, Kelly Killoren Bensimon and most recent member Cindy Barshop all got their pink slips last week – and they’re devastated! Well – not really – at least not according to the released statements. Bravo and it’s producers decided to clean house releasing three of it’s prominent cast members.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this news recently surfaced after tedious negotiations between the now former housewives who were allegedly kept in limbo awaiting Bravos final decision. A spokesperson for Bravo attempted to shed light on the subject by releasing the following statement;

“Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan and LuAnn DeLesseps will be returning for season five of The Real Housewives of New York City.   We’ve had a fabulous run with all the ladies and appreciate them sharing their lives with our viewers. It is a friendly departure among the other ladies and we continue to have ongoing discussions with them.”

Things may have been a bit testy between the NYC housewives; but it appeared no more out of place than a typical Housewife episode for any city.

However, it now appears that the conflict has run its course as reports continue to circulate that the NYC housewives simply were no longer able to get along with each other.

While we’ve yet to hear from Cindy Barshop or Kelly Killoren Bensimon, reps for Jill Zarin’s and Alex McCord seemed eager to share a few comments. Jill Zarin’s rep Darren Bettencourt, issued the following statement:

“Jill is out of town with her husband Bobby and they are visiting her daughter Ally at college for family weekend so she is not speaking with the press. I can tell you that she is very happy and extremely busy with the national launch of her shape wear line Skweez Couture by Jill Zarin which will debut at Lord and Taylor stores across the country this month and then roll out at other national retailers in the coming months. Jill is humbled by the extraordinary amount of media interest in her response and looks forward to personally opening up about all of this very soon and announcing some exciting new projects.”

Alex and her husband Simon van Kempen followed with a statement which was eerily similar to that of Kate Gosselin who also recently enjoyed her last show on TLC.

“Alex and I are sad that it’s come to this. We had a great four years. We don’t intend for this to be the final time you’ll see us on television. Everything happens for a reason. We are not happy, we’re not sad. It is what it is. We thank our fans. We have tremendous, tremendous outpouring of support. I think even Bravo is surprised by how much support Alex has had. It didn’t change their opinion or didn’t change their decision. And it might not be the end of seeing us on Housewives. It might not be the end of seeing us on Bravo. We don’t know that yet either. There’s a lot to be discussed in the upcoming weeks. We wish the next season well. We’re not going away. We remain happy and long may that continue.” Many people were shocked Alex was sacked.

Update: Cindy has released a statement also covering up her devastation;

“I view any change as an opportunity to learn and grow,” said Barshop profoundly. “RHONY was great marketing platform for my national spa Completely Bare, and as an ambassador for children’s charities I was able to create more awareness. There are additional projects that I am considering. Stay tuned.” It’s really hard to believe anyone is holding their breathe for this.

Luckily for the banished four, their pink slips shouldn’t immediately place them in the bread line given that they’ve all been actively pursuing business ventures outside of the show.   According to The Hollywood reporter, McCord and van Kempen are launching a home bedding business called Aluxe Home, Zarin is working on her home collection (along with her shape wear line Skweez), Barshop owns Completely Bare, a national chain of hair removal spas and Bensimon continues to write about fashion and design jewelry.

Statements such as Jill’s appear to be code for, “Stay tuned for the spin off.”   Not sure if that will be the fate for these recently dejected cast mates but I’m sure we won’t have to hold our breaths for long to find out. We’re hoping Kelly has enough jelly beans to keep her sane until then…you know you were thinking it!!

Who were you surprised to see get the axe? Jill, Alex? Who are you happy did get the axe? Kelly??! And who should have gotten axed? LuAnn?!

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