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Snoop Dogg Gets The Role Of Blues Singer Fillmore Slim

Snoop Dogg gets the role of Fillmore Slim in Biopic

Deadline reports:

Rapper Snoop Dogg will star in the biopic The Legend of Fillmore Slim, announced today by Ames Universal and SRI Entertainment. Fillmore Slim — real name Clarence Sims — was a blues singer and guitarist. During the 1960s and ’70s, he was also a well-known pimp in San Francisco, referred to as “The West Coast Godfather of the Game” and “The Pope of Pimping.” Shelly Liebowitz is executive producing. Alan Ames, who is co-producing with Wayne Anderson and writing the screenplay with Carole Parker, also produces the syndicated TV series Texas Roadhouse Live. He was approached by Sims’ daughter Rebecca, who helped put the project together. “This film will span decades,” said Ames, “from Slim’s emergence as a musician, to his fascination with the fast life, through his years of incarceration and his redemption.” Sims, now 77 years old, is currently touring. Hawthorne James will direct the film. Pre-production is to begin in December, with a March start date targeted.

This all sounds good, but the main question we have is: Has anyone ever heard Snoop Dog sing??

Ok… Now why can’t Ames Universal and SRI Entertainment find a professional actor to play Fillmore Slim? Is there a shortage of talented actors that they have to cast a triple platinum gangster rapper to play the blues guitarist singer? Not to take anything away from Snoop Dogg, he has done a lot of great things in his career. However, he is no actor! And when I mean actor I mean a professional actor – someone who has studied for years about how to bring characters on paper to life. I know some! Could have asked me if they didn’t know how to find one!

Hollywood continues to cast rappers and singers in important African American roles, which consequently takes away from the importance of that character especially if it’s a biopic. In addition, I believe that it reflects in a very subtle way that African Americans as a whole aren’t as talented on screen as their white counterparts. Of course it’s all about the “bread” for Hollywood and I know that, I guess I’m just starving for a good movie.

What do you think? Can Snoop Dogg pull off the role of Fillmore Slim?

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