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Beyonce Shields Baby Bump At New York Fashion Week

Update-Beyonce, who’s reportedly 4 months pregnant, camouflaged her baby bump when she opted for gold tutu style dress to stop at Alexander Wang. Beyonce also made her rounds during New York Fashion Week when she stopped at Rodarte and Vera Wang. Bey also made an appearance at a UNICEF event wearing a not so flattering sparkling dress, though this time she did show off her baby bump. Solange opted for brighter hues, a gorgeous neon pink blouse, lime color strappy sandals and mandarin nail polish – an overall A+ look.

Solange’s publicist Charles Wade appeared to have taken the night off as she was graceful enough to answer a question about her pregnant and glowing sister Beyonce to Wonderwall. At the Samantha Black’s runway show Solange tells Wonderwall about any advice she can offer her big sis,

“She doesn’t need my help. She’ll be a phenomenal mother with great instincts like our mother. She’s going to be great.”

How sweet. I can’t remember the last time Beyonce has made this many appearances in one week – will this baby create a whole new image for Beyonce??



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